How to get closer to God...

The book of Proverbs is full of practical information, making it an ideal tool to teach our kids (check out my family devotional Proverbs for Kids). But it's also full of wisdom about how we can draw closer to God in our own lives. We find a clue as to how to do this in Proverbs 22:19, NLT:

"I am teaching you today--yes you--so you will trust in the LORD."

Often the biggest issue with a person moving forward in their Christian lives is his or her ability to trust God. If we cannot believe God has our best in mind, we cannot face the future with confidence. Instead, we live in fear and end up running the other way from God’s guidance and purpose, throwing ourselves into chaos and sin.

So, how can we learn to trust him? According to Proverbs 22:17-21, our trust grows by listening to God’s wisdom. That can only be found in the Bible. As we read his Word and learn that he is a kind, good, and loving God, our confidence in him grows.

We also learn to trust him more as we put his Word into practice and find that it produces what is right and true in our lives. This gives us the security of knowing we are headed the right way in life and doing what is best in God’s eyes.

Do you truly trust God? Name one area that you have trouble trusting him with. Now ask him to help you trust him and to show you how faithful he always is to you. Leave that area in God’s hands, and each time you feel like running the other way, ask him to help you to remain firmly in his care.

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