I've written a book on conquering fear, two trilogies of Christian fiction, a fairy tale trilogy for kids and adults, a family devotional guide, a mystery, and a meditation. All can be ordered in paperback or for Kindle, and each of the fiction books come in audio form as well. 

The Blackberry County Chronicles
Book 1 - Crispens Point

Crispens Point is the first book of the Blackberry County Chronicles trilogy. Charlotte is a successful romance novelist who escapes city life and moves to the small town of Crispens Point in Blackberry County. She immediately connects with some of the quirky but friendly residents and begins to feel at home right away. When a friend invites her to attend a local community church, Charlotte is attracted to the pastor, but refuses to acknowledge that attraction because of some dark things in her past. What is the mysterious thing in Charlotte’s past that seems to dominate everything? Is it enough to keep her from ever finding a lasting relationship? 


The Distant Shores Series
Book 1 - Redbud Corner


Redbud Corner is the first book of the Distant Shores Series trilogy. When a young Chinese girl comes to study at an American university in the quaint little town of Redbud Corner, she meets an intriguing, attractive man that challenges everything she has ever believed in. Will she listen to him? Or will she choose the handsome, successful man back home in China? 


Proverbs for Kids
A Family Devotional Guide


​This devotional from the Book of Proverbs is designed to be a platform for you to talk about the issues that your 7-12-year-old child faces every day. They are designed to be short and simple so that you are more likely to read them as a family consistently throughout the year. Much of what our children see on television, at school, on the internet, and so on shows us how much we need the Book of Proverbs. All we have to do is watch people around us to figure out how to do what is wrong. It is much harder to find those who will tell us what’s right. King Solomon does just that in Proverbs. It’s amazing to see that people really haven’t changed much in 3,000 years. Kids wanted answers then, and they still do now. Proverbs 1:3 tells us that the Book of Proverbs will teach us how to be wise, self-controlled, honest, fair, and right. If we can help our children get a start on all those things while they are still young, think what terrific people they will be as adults! 


The Blackberry County Chronicles
Book 2 - Cherry Cobbler

Cherry Cobbler is the second book of the Blackberry County Chronicles trilogy. Quirky, funny, lighthearted Cherry is starting to panic. She's pushing 30 and has a bit of a weight problem. But most of all, she is looking for love in all the wrong places. For her, the wrong place is thinking she could handle missionary life with a young Indiana Jones look alike. Her complete failure to understand herself unfolds as she realizes the treasure she has been missing is right under her nose.



The Blackberry County Chronicles
Book 3 - Prince Crossing

Prince Crossing is the third book of the Blackberry County Chronicles trilogy. Vicki, a wealthy city-bred woman, is horrified when her husband accepts a pastorate in a small, dying town called Prince Crossing in Blackberry County. Not only is she in culture shock, but she must deal with the pressures of being a pastor’s wife—and the disapproval of those who don't understand her. As all of these things are going on, Vicki is trying desperately to get her husband’s attention when everyone else also wants it. Worst of all, will the town forgive her when she loses her focus and struggles with her faith in God himself?



The Distant Shores Series
Book 2 - Highland Path


Highland Path is the second book of the Distant Shores Series trilogy. Julia has always longed to make her life count. She can hardly believe that she has ended up as an administrative assistant for an insurance agency. But when Jake walks into her insurance office, her life takes a drastic turn. 

Is she crazy to join Jake in a remote village in Venezuela? And if she marries him, can she handle the kind of life she would have there? Will her journey into the jungle lead her into the life she always wanted, or will it be a tragic mistake?


The Distant Shores Series
Book 3 - Gathering Bittersweet


Gathering Bittersweet is the third book of the Distant Shores Series trilogy. When her father dies, Rachel and her sister leave everything they know to join her uncle on his farm. As if this upheaval wasn't enough, Rachel becomes compassionately involved with a poverty-stricken family led by a violent, unreasonable man. In the process, Rachel finds that her ideas of romance, comfort, and security take a blow as she learns to think in entirely new ways. When she meets Tory, will he be the kind of person that will help her in this new journey?

Undone by Majesty and Mystery
Meditations on God and how we relate to him


God is so all-encompassing and so beyond us, that it takes a lifetime to begin to scratch the surface of who He is. These meditations, written by a Christianity Today editor, will help you think about who He is and what that means for the way you live.


A Maggie & Tim Mystery
Book 1- Summerville


Imagine waking up in an abandoned house next to an unconscious man you'd never met. When that happens to gritty, fearless Maggie, the mystery that has long hovered over the small town of Summerville begins to unravel. 

"God already knew the truth, and Tim felt confident that God wanted him and Maggie to know the truth too."




The Crumbling Brick
Book 1 of the Land of Neo Trilogy


EXCITING YA NOVELLA told in the tradition of C. S. Lewis's and George MacDonald's fairy tales. 

When Ella discovers a crumbling brick behind an old trunk in her cellar, everything changes. Transported to another time and place, she falls in love with the beautiful Land of Neo but soon realizes this lovely country is threatened by evil. She longs to help this land, but feels ill-equipped to face the wickedness that has invaded it. However, the longer she stays in Neo, the stronger and braver she becomes...


The Protectors
Book 2 of the Land of Neo Trilogy


A fantastic YA adventure! Fast-paced, fun, and great for all ages.
Follow Caden and Amicus as they work behind the scenes to try to protect Ella in her quest to save the kingdom of Neo from disaster. The Protectors is told in the tradition of C. S. Lewis's and George MacDonald's fairy tales and is the second book in the Land of Neo series. 


The Adventurers
Book 3 of the Land of Neo Trilogy


A fantastic YA adventure! Fast-paced, fun, and great for all ages.
THE ADVENTURERS chronicles Ella, Caden, Amicus and their companions as they must once again work to save the Land of Neo. This time the threat takes them east to another land ruled by an evil prince who wants to destroy Neo and oppress it as he has his own country. Their success will depend on their trust and cooperation with each other and with complete confidence in Kosmeo. Will they be able to avert the coming disaster?

No More Fear
40 days to conquer worry


Do you battle fear and worry? Do such emotions dominate your life? No More Fear offers a way out of the cycle of anxiety that permeates many believers’ lives. By taking 40 days to examine God’s attributes, you can find freedom from fear in the knowledge and experience of who God is and how he wants to care for you.


JoHannah wrote this book as a way to move past her own battle with fear and anxiety. She also offers weekend retreats on the topic of this book. 


No More Fear for Kids
A family devotional


If you are fearful and anxious, you may be able to mask it very well for years, as former Christianity Today editor, JoHannah Reardon did. In fact, you may mask it so well that you don’t even recognize it as being a problem, but it will eventually catch up with you and affect your emotional, spiritual, and physical well being. In NO MORE FEAR FOR KIDS, Reardon offers a way to talk to your 8-12-year-old child about the fears they may be experiencing, yet are not able to process and express. This family devotional allows you to spend 40 days addressing those fears in light of God's attributes. Each day gives a real-life example of fears kids face and focuses on one of the things that is true about God, giving your child a healthy view of the God they can trust with their deepest fears.