Besides writing 14 books, I was the managing editor of, a division of Christianity Today. I have also written content for the Couples’ Devotional Bible and the Everyday Matters Bible for Women, as well as ghostwriting several books. I am currently the editor of The Redbud Post, the publication of the Redbud Writers Guild. And I write regularly for I love my work, but also loves teasing my husband, annoying my children, and playing with my grandkids.

I'm married to Brad, who was a pastor for 27 years. He now trains pastors in developing countries and is my hero! Read more about how you can be involved with his ministry:

Brad Reardon is a full-time missionary with ReachGlobal. He and his colleagues pass on three things to pastors who have little or no training:


1. How to study the Bible: They train pastors in basic Bible study skills so they can preach truth and disciple their churches.


2. How to obey the Bible: They help pastors to see that the goal of studying the Bible is obedience, as well as to exercise humble servant leadership and loving pastoral care.


3. How to teach the Bible: They equip pastors to proclaim God’s truths with power, conviction, and clarity, and to pass on the training they are receiving to other pastors they know.


Where they are currently training: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Liberia, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Brazil, and Southeast Asia. They are also setting up training in Burundi, Zambia, Costa Rica, and Mexico.


Click here if you would like to help support Brad in this global mission. His designation is Reardon-#1703. Feel free to contact me if you’d like more information or to receive his e-newsletter.